Our Aims 

The aim of the Marulan Region Chamber of Commerce is to facilitiate and expedite the growth of our region by:


  • acknowledging the current growth and potential growth of our region;

  • promoting commerce and tourism across our region;

  • identifying our region's attributes and attractions;

  • emphasising the diversity and expertise within our region through effective marketing strategies;

  • focusing on the Marulan village service centre with a vision to its current services, future potential and desired services, together with the centre's attractiveness to locals, newcomers and travellers;

  • addressing community services, needs and amenities, focusing on a growing population of regional locals;

  • providing support, information and promotion to existing businesses which will in turn attract new businesses to the region; and

  • remembering our community values whilst working towards our goals.


We endeavour to provide our members with relevant information, exposure and opportunities in a region that will be sustainable and conducive for businesses to prosper.

Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from 6pm.

Our Initiatives 

The Chamber operates a number of Committees, including:


  • The Heritage & Sustainability Park (HASP) Committee.

  • The Kite Festival Committee.

  • The Discover Marulan Committee.

  • The Marulan Business Development Committee.

  • The Marulan Hall Committee.


To find out more about our initiatives and Committees, or to participate in them, contact us.


The Chamber also undertakes the following:


  • Operates the Marulan Volunteers group.

  • Publishes the Discover Marulan Newsletter.

  • Maintains the Discover Marulan website.

  • Liaises with Council and other community groups.

  • Maintains the Marulan streetscape and facilities.


To help with any of the above, or to initiate a new project subject to the Chamber's approval, contact us.

Need more details? Contact us

Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.