Council Recreational Needs Strategy

Goulburn Mulwaree Council will be undertaking a Recreational Needs Strategy that will examine recreational land around the region, as part of Council’s strategic planning program.

The strategy will examine the whole local government area, with the goal of bringing forward recommendations to include provisions into Council’s Development Control Plan for open space in new developments.

The goal of this strategy is to ensure the community has good access to appropriate open spaces and recreation facilities for existing areas and new developments.

The strategy will also provide Council with clear data that will support future grant funding applications for open space.

A third party consulting firm has been appointed to undertake the strategy, and will begin with a three week desktop audit of existing recreation facilities and open spaces in Goulburn and surrounding areas.

Council and its consultants will engage with key stakeholders during preparation of the draft strategy.

A draft strategy is expected to be completed for community consultation in October, before a final report is prepared for Council’s consideration prior to the end of the year.

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